KATHY KROPP’S career began almost 20 years ago working with her own dog, a black lab mix named Emma (the dog from her logo). She found it to be so rewarding that it completely changed her relationship with her dog. She decided she wanted to teach others to have the same bond with their dogs. With numerous seminars and three years of apprenticeship under her belt, she started her business in Southern California, teaching classes and giving private instruction. She quickly found a great need for owners wanting more than basic training. They needed help with problem behaviors which were causing them to become frustrated with their dogs, sometimes to the point of giving them up. This quickly became Kathy’s specialty, giving people the help they needed (often meaning the difference between a dog staying in their home instead of going to a shelter). With her intuitive approach and gentle non-force methods she continues to help people gain a greater understanding and respect for their canine friends. She has appeared on local television and radio spots and donates time to humane organizations.  She is also a member of the Assoc. of Pet Dog Trainers.  She now lives on the Central Coast of  California and continues to pursue her first love of working directly  “hands on” with people and their dogs. Kathy is an avid sailor, equestrian and accomplished guitarist and singer. She lives with her husband Jerry and their two labs.